About GoCollectInfo

GoCollectInfo is a data collection tools for mobile workers and is used in different applications. Our software does not require any internet or data connection during data collection. Users of our software are people mostly working in remote sites wherein data collection is required. The most significant feature of our software is the image capturing, signature attachment and GPS locator. With these tools, data collection is more accurate.

Our team is composed of professional and dedicated developers who tirelessly develop and test each forms before we deploy to our customers.

We provide you with an intuitive web access for every reports submitted so you can visualized it and gain important insights from every activity of your employees. A GPS tracking is also available for you to be able to track your employees visited location, summarized by date or by employee name. A PDF and Excel report generator is included for each of your mobile worker's report. This is online and accessible from any modern web browser. You don't need to be a programmer to use it - all you need is to know what you want your form to look like.